Ghosts of Kelso

The Guys

This is Who We Are

Tom Walker

Singer & Guitarist

Tom describes his taste in music as "anything with guitars in it". This includes classic, 80's, and modern rock as well as blues, Latin and country. He has been performing in and around the Coachella Valley and Inland Empire for the last 20 years, and formed GOK with Kirk Sorenson when they realized they had a similar love for music and performing music. On a personal note Tom loves riding motorcycles, enjoying a good cigar, and spending time with his family.

Kirk Sorenson


Kirk became mildly obsessed with music at a young age. He came across a Kiss album and bought it just to piss off his mother, but was blown away by the opening power chords on “I Want You’. This grew into a love of music that never did go away. In his teens Kirk heard Randy Rhoads play guitar and pursuing the guitar became a big part of his life ever since. After completing his service in the U.S. Army, Kirk began playing in local bands and teaching private lessons in the Coachella Valley. A few years back KCLB (the FM rock station in Palm Springs) named Kirk the “King of Shred” in a valley wide guitar competition. combining a strong sense of melody with a command of “wild ass” technique Kirk delivers the goods every time takes the stage.

Kelly Heldenbrand


Kelly started playing snare drum in the school music program following in his Father's footsteps. He later moved up to play the kit in junior high and his career took off from there.

Playing with local renowned bands such as "Roger Taylor and the Twilighters" , "Johnny Dancheck and the Ramblers". Kelly continued to hone his chops playing with "The Pills"," Neon Max"' where they opened for "Uriah Heap" and an All-Star Jam Band for the Namm Music convention. Kelly followed "Buddy Rich" the World's Greatest Drummer. If he has any advice for up and coming drummers, it would be, " Learn to play Sax"! it's much easier to pack up after the gig!

Jim Keena


 Music has always been part of Jim’s life thanks to his hippie, older siblings. Jim’s musical tastes have been heavily influenced by classic rock (too many to list) and enjoys all genres of music. With the right libation, he may even enjoy country. Jim moved from moved from Michigan to Santa Monica at the age of 10. He first picked up a guitar at 14 and started his first band The Age of Reason at 16 in Venice, California. Shortly thereafter, he was in the punk rock scene of Dog Town and took up bass to join to his friend’s punk rock band, No Reaction. He has kept busy ever since playing bass in many different bands in the LA, Hollywood and OC area such as Juice Box, Bubba Dog, Bad Dog, No Biscuit and Big Green. In 2003 he switched focus from original music to working with cover bands from a Deep Purple tribute band to a classic blues and soul band, Boxcar 7 of Long Beach, California. He recently moved to Coachella Valley in 2014 and is enjoying being the newest Ghost in the Ghosts of Kelso a classic rock band.

Keyboardist - Under Construction